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With over 35 years of experience, you can count on Mountain View Exteriors to guide you with expert advice and top quality products for your window needs, focusing on energy-efficient windows and pleasing design.

We strive to put together the optimal solution for your goals, needs, and budget, with the following criteria in mind:
  • Maximizing energy efficiency
  • Increasing curb appeal and value
  • Proper installation to prevent water and air intrusion
  • Offering a variety of products to fit any budget while maximizing quality
We only work with a few hand-picked manufacturers who provide the highest quality products in the industry. The window products we feature are:

Restorations is our recommendation when you're looking for the highest quality, most energy efficient windows available. Offering a full line of styles and options, Restoration windows are the top of the line.

Sunrise Windows are manufactured at the same plant with many of the same features as our top of the line Restorations Windows. We will be happy to show you the differences and possibly save you a little bit on your window project.
Joyce Windows are for the budget minded shopper. We can give you a very competitive price on Joyce Windows without sacrificing the strength, quality, and most of the efficiency of the high end products. Joyce is considered top of the line for most companies.
In 2009 alone, U.S. homeowners saved over $17 billion on their utility bills thanks to the Energy Star program. Mountain View Exteriors specializes in energy efficient construction, strictly using Energy Star approved materials and adhering to the highest standards in the industry.

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